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关键词:例文 人行道

Aii that takes is unbolting a couple of yards of track . but then what

Snow - white and rose - red went sadly to unbolt the door for their dear friend

When i got to the three log doorsteps i heard them unlocking and unbarring and unbolting

The installation is fairly simple and requires unbolting and removing the intake connectors , instalpng a longer alternator belt that will now also power the supercharger and reconnecting all the vacuum hoses

Now , jane , trip on before us away to the backstairs ; unbolt the side - passage door , and tell the driver of the post - chaise you will see in the yard - or just outside , for i told him not to drive his rattpng wheels over the pavement - to be ready ; we are ing : and , jane , if any one is about , e to the foot of the stairs and hem
嗨,簡,你先走,跑在我們前頭,到后樓梯去把邊門的門栓拉開,告訴在院子里能看到的驛車車夫也許車子就在院子外頭,因為我告訴他別在人行道上駕車,弄得輪子扎扎響讓他準備好。我們就來了。還有,簡,要是附近有人,你就走到樓梯下呼一聲。 ”

It\'s difficult to find unbolt in a sentence. 用unbolt造句挺難的