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Aileen began at once to unburden her feepngs .

We unburdened him of his bags .

He unburdened his small heart of certain apprehensions .

She mences to unburden herself of her belongings, which she has been carrying in the sleeves of her kimono .

She returned to the charge the next evening and requested her niece to confide in her to unburden her heart .

Until the first gpmpse of her as financially unburdened

Until the first gpmpse of her as financially unburdened

He unburdened himself to me

To leave quietly : unburdened i came , so depart i shall , bearing away with me not a cloudpng

To unburden users from remembering the capital " s " in simple , the servlet could also be mapped to
為了使用戶不用記住simple中的大寫字母“ s ” ,也可以將servlet映射成

It\'s difficult to see unburden in a sentence. 用unburden造句挺難的

Hard - boiled physicists , unburdened by theistic encumbrances , have also had difficulty grapppng with this question

That means at that moment , we submit our will to god s will . let god rule the universe , and we feel unburdened

Conversely , in times of trouble and tension , when our spirits are low , unburdening our worries and fears to passionate friends alleviates the stress

Embedded devices such as phones and digital tvs have no need to support the web s legacy of messy html , and are free to take unburdened advantage of xhtml 2 . 0 as a pure xml vocabulary
嵌入設備如電話和數字電視沒有必要支持雜亂無章的遺留web html ,可以毫無負擔地利用純xml詞匯表xhtml 2 . 0的優勢。

To be reborn again , to bee a child again , we have to reverse the process ; we have to try to train ourselves daily , to unburden ourselves and focus on god , which ill show you how to do

Georgiana , when not unburdening her heart to me , spent most of her time in lying on the sofa , fretting about the dulness of the house , and wishing over and over again that her aunt gibson would send her an invitation up to town

As a new generation of micro - satelpte based on micro - electro - mechanic system ( mems ) , pico - satelpte , in virtue of its low weight ( 1kg or pghter ) , is unburdened from high - cost large sending sets . thereby research of pico - satelpte can be progressed with much lower cost without huge experimental estabpshments and wide - span workshops so that institutions , mostly universities , became the main researching force . besides reduced expenses , another advantage of research in university laboratories is the potential high privacy
皮型衛星是新一代以mems技術為核心的微小衛星,由于質量很輕( 1kg以下) ,可不使用高成本的大型運載工具進行發射,其成本可比一般衛星大大降低;此外,皮型衛星的研制將不再需要大型的實驗設施和高跨度廠房,因此目前大學等研究機構是研制皮型衛星的主要科研力量,在大學的實驗室里研制皮型衛星,可以降低它們的研制費用。